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NETCOR Education & Training has 20 years experience in the education sector with a long-held vision:

*To provide education & training toward employment, ensuring that includes quality education in an environment that is inclusive and conducive to learning.

*To build capacity; to grow, strengthen and improve knowledge, skills, understanding, values, attitude, and motivation.

*To empower and improve intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to become effective and capable leaders, employees, team-members, and advocates.

*To support learner culture, aspirations, strengths, skills, and abilities


TONGARIRO, NGAURUHOE, RUAPEHU Mountains: Legend has it, that in his quest to claim land for his people, Ngatoroirangi (our eponymous ancestor) ascended Mt Tongariro, but suffered severely from the cold southerly wind that chiselled the warmth from his body.    As he lay dying, he called to his sisters in Hawaiiki, (Kuiwai & Haungaroa) to send heat to warm him.   Heeding his call, they despatched the fire guardians Te Pupu & Te Hoata, travelling beneath land and sea, they surfaced many times on their journey, leaving the sacred fires (Ahi Tipua) forever preserved in our thermal areas as boiling springs (Ngawha), mud pools (Puna Paru), and geysers (Waiariki).   Revived and with regained strength, Ngatororangi continued his ascent of Mt Tongariro, and on reaching its summit, proclaimed the surrounding lands for his descendants.

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