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To restore integrity, capability and self-determination for Participants & their whanau,

in achieving their dreams and aspirations



We are committed to 'Te Ao Maori' and 'Te Matauranga Maori' with a key focus on creating opportunities for people specifically in Tourism, Education & Health, by:

  • Fostering lifelong learning through quality, relevant and accessible education & training designed to meet the needs and aspirations of our Participants

  • Providing our Participants to the workforce that are job ready with a broad range of knowledge and skills

  • Facilitating our Participants to gain sustainable and permanent employment, pathways to employment, apprenticeships and employment-focussed training programmes

  • Providing a combination of pastoral care, work experiences and 'see, touch and do' method of experiential learning

  • Engaging with industry, establishing meaningful connections, and building genuine relationships to understand their desires, motives and interests.   

  • Working collaboratively with industry to design and shape effective education & training programmes to fit their needs



  • Tikanga: sharing our Maori customs, practices and beliefs, and applying them respectfully and appropriately to the learning environment

  • Manaakitanga: being hospitable, supportive and generous; caring in large or small ways

  • Whakamana: enhancing mana; empowering a strong sense of self (whare tapa wha: spiritually, physically,mentally, emotionally); maintaining identity, beliefs & values

  • Whakapono: integrity; sound & strong principles; doing the right thing in a reliable way

  • Tautokotanga: looking after each other; encouraging, supporting and advocating for the rights of others

  • Whanaungatanga: centered on whanau; growing & strengthening whanau; providing opportunities for wealth creation

  • Kaitiakitanga: sustainable protection of taonga & resources ensures the future; care, conservation and maintenance of resources & relationships supports the guardianship roles and responsibilities 

  • Kotahitanga: being united and sharing a common vision to ensure everyone grows together

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